Apr 30

Perspectives Gallery, April 2016.

I am honored to have just become a member of Perspectives Gallery and am looking forward to being featured in April.  More details to come on the reception and what will be on view.

Apr 25

Dragonfly Boutique, window display, etc.

Dragonfly boutique located at 1309 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL is featuring four birch trees, excerpted from Flight Plan, wrapped in handmade quilt dresses and swathed in tree skirts.  They also have several of my dolls and Valentines for sale.  In the coming months they will be featuring a photo story and some of my collage pieces.   There will be an evening artists open house on Feb 25th when myself and a few other featured artists will be on-site to talk art and eat yummy treats with you.  The shop will be open until 8p.m. as will neighboring shops like Bloom3.

Apr 25

Creative Co-Working, Open House.

A selection of photographs from 3 different series are displayed on the walls of Creative Co-working, 922 Davis St, Evanston, Il.   The images will be up indefinitely.  I will also be a featured artist with a large wall of work in May, and there will be an evening reception at an as yet unknown date.

Jan 31

Seities & Selves at Darkroom Gallery.


If you just so happen to find yourself in Essex Junction, VT I am part of an exhibit entitled Seities & Selves, juried by Aline Smithson from January 7 through the 31st.  There is an artist reception on the 31st at 3p.m.  http://www.darkroomgallery.com/ex77

"Seity" is an uncommon word which, as defined by Webster, is "A quality peculiar to oneself; selfhood; individuality".  It could be seen as the essential quality of the true self-portrait: an expression of what makes the subject unique and defines her/his character in some way. This does not imply an exact replication of the photographer's appearance. Rather, it goes below the surface to reveal something of the essence of the photographer's psyche. An example would be the self portraits of Chuck Close, which provide an uncanny and discomfiting glimpse into his psyche. Self portraits do not have to represent objective outer reality; consider the photos of Cindy Sherman, none of which "look like her" but all have a relationship to some facet of her selfless, her seity.

In this age of the ubiquitous throwaway selfie it's an even greater and more worthwhile challenge to create a self portrait that expresses one's uniqueness and individuality. And that's the challenge we're putting forth for this exhibition: to present an image that defines an aspect of your true essence.


7:00 pm19:00

Studio 303 at the Zhou B Art Center

I am excited to be participating again in Third Fridays at the Zhou B Art Center.  My mixed-media encaustic study in circles and color families will be on display from 7-10p.m. in Studio 303.  Come check-out the amazing work of many great artists! 

Here's what they are saying about this event: The Zhou B Art Center opens Exhibitions every 3rd Friday of the month with an evening reception from 7pm-10pm. These events are free of charge and provide the community of Bridgeport and the Chicago area a unique opportunity to explore a blend of international and local art. The artists-in-residence at the Art Center open their studios to visitors, making this a unique opportunity for the community to meet working artists and discuss their work in person. The variety of the work produced by the artists-in-residence and the four in-house gallery spaces makes the Zhou B Art Center 3rd Friday Exhibitions one of the most diverse art experiences in the city.

7:00 pm19:00


I am excited to be a part of the next Artruck experience.  Artruck is a project where artists show their work in two trucks that are lighted and set up for one night to create a temporary gallery space. It is about creating community and celebrating each other in the small arts district on Florence Street in Evanston.

7:00 pm19:00

Zhou B Art Center 3rd Friday.

Every third Friday the Zhou B Art Center hosts an open house event in which artists open their studios and the gallery walls of the center are festooned with innovative work by local and international artists.   Three of my encaustic pieces will be on display on the gallery walls of Studio 303 on the third floor.   Their will be a reception from 7p.m. until 10p.m. 


Sep 8

Flower Mendings at DragonFly

Amy at Dragonfly has been so supportive and encouraging of my work.  I was thrilled to be one of three featured artists in her winter showcase and am excited to show new work with her this Spring and Summer.  At the moment one of my flower mending shadowboxes is on display with others to come.  The flower mendings explore the history of flower preservation, humanities fascination with botanicals and examine how we might preserve the beauty and spirit of flowers as we destroy them and the ideal climates in which to grow them.  Dried and pressed flowers are placed into conversation with embroidery mending stitches asking if we might be able to repair that which we have plucked from life with a time tested method of restoration.

May 2


I will have two pieces on view at this show.  Keeper of the Last Garden, a sculpture exploring how we might protect vestiges of the past once we have destroyed the future potential of their growth, and Tea Rose Mending, a conversation of stitches and petals, attempting to repair, at least in our mind, a flower that once was fresh and blooming.  There will be a number of workshops, lectures and readings on the theme of climate crisis during the time the show is up.  Here is a link to the gallery website to provide further details on the show: http://waterstreetstudios.com/Upcoming-Exhibits



Mar 15

Dragonfly Winter Wonderland Window

A local boutique here in Evanston is curating a window display and storewide showcasing of local artists.  Two of my trees from Flight Plan are in the window with dresses on and a skirt wrapped around the bases.  The trees have excerpts from my poem Winter Songbird embroidered onto them.

If you're in the neighborhood, please visit Amy and her wonderous shop cohort at Dragonfly Boutique, 1309 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201.  They are open Tuesday-Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 12-4. 

Feb 12

The Knowledge Project

My Beebalm & Herringbone flower mending piece has taken a journey farther than I could have imagined, across land and ocean to join Rooting (India): The Knowledge Project which connects art, food, and ecology through projects by artists, activists, and farmers from primarily India and the United States. This “knowledge hub,” within an organic garden(with free organic tea served daily) presents photographs, drawings,diagrams, artists’ books, and pamphlets that highlight how communities are redefining their critical needs and devising their own solutions for
long-term sustainability. This exhibition – and its companion show at
Spice Harbour – creates an inviting conversational space to connect,
discuss, and discover potential solutions to ecological, social, and
economic challenges faced by farmers and consumers around the world.

12 December 2014 to 12 February 2015

Curated by Tricia Van Eck with Akshay Raj Rathore Singh and Deborah
Boardman as a collateral project for the Kochi Biennale in conjunction
with 6018North, Rizhome Alliance, Julie Walsh and Walsh Gallery

Location: Garden of Yousuf Art Gallery, 6/9 Jew Town, Mattancherry, Kochi,
India & Spice Harbour Hotel, Bazaar Road, Fort Kochi, India

1:00 pm13:00

Open Studio Evanston

I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming Open Studios Evanston event that is fast approaching on October 11th from 1-5p.m.  Over 50 visual artists will open the doors to their studios and gallery spaces to share their work with you.  

I am busily cleaning and rearranging my studio in anticipation of your arrival. There is art to be hung and corners to be dusted.  There will be a miniature birch tree forest for you to wander through, shadowboxes with a story to tell, flowers to see, dolls to touch, photos to ponder and much much more.  Much of my work is based in the world of fiber, so in the event that you are inspired to sit down and stitch during your visit, I will have materials on-hand for you to do so.